The Eclectic Album

The “Eclectic” Album was Released May 15, 2018.  The instrumental album contains New Age World Music utilizing various musicians with different ethnic instruments.  Each track takes on a unique style of music from around the world.  Egyptian percussion is the underlying rhythm and driving force throughout the entire album.  Eclectic is Co-produced with multi-award winning aboriginal artist Shy-Anne Hovorka and Multi Juno industry award winning music director Julia Mazzaferro.  In February 2019, the “Eclectic” album is nominated for One World Music Awards “The People’s Choice Award” 2018.


Peruvian Vibe

This single was inspired by an Egyptian Saidi cane dance by the talented Samantha Jolene. Peruvian Vibe was the result of improvised music to dance which was originally created for the 2018 Urban Infill Event by Definately Superior Art Gallery. It is a wonderful mix of Egyptian percussion with drone flute played by Anneke Dawson. The drone flute is from Pisaq Peru "Sacred Vally" which is in the Andes. Authentic Amazonian/Peruvian jungle sound is layered behind the flute intro with permission from the British Exploring Society. The beautiful cover artwork was drawn and painted by Samantha Jolene while listening to the music.

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Sand Storm

Sand Storm musically mimics the experience of being in an Arabian Desert sand storm. Egyptian percussion and rhythm is played to give mystic feel. Recorded metallic percussion is subtlety layered underneath to simulate sand storm sounds. This song features Ahmed Al-Badr on Middle-Eastern Oud. Samantha Jolene painted the cover artwork while listening to this song.  In February 2019, the “Sand Storm” single is nominated for One World Music Awards “Single of the Year” 2018.

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