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Eclectic track on Planet Radio 90,6 Greece 

Μουσικές Του Πλανήτη _ Planet Music

Kalispera folks! 

Feel free to listen to the latest podcast of Μουσικές Του Πλανήτη _ Planet Music  (Planet Radio 90,6) where we listened to some special albums from around the globe including: 

Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba album "Miri" (Outhere Records- release date 25.01.2019) Miri is an album about love, friendship, family and true values in times of crisis. Miri means dream or contemplation in bamana. On Miri Bassekou travels back to his hometown Garana, a small village at the banks of the Niger river. The album pays hommage to two great Malian singers that have blessed quite a number of Bassekous albums: the one and only Zoumana Tereta & the golden voice of Mali Kassemady Diabate. May they rest in peace….Most guests on the album are mainly longtime collaborators: Abdoulaye Diabate, Habib Koite, Afel Bocoum, Majid Bekkas plus a very special guest is young Kankou Kouyate, the daughter of Bassekou’s brother Fousseyni who used to play in Ngoni ba (she is one of the most talented young singers in Mali. Kankou can be heard on all of the background vocals) and Yasel Gonzalez Rivera originally from Guantanamo better known for his reggaeton duo Madera Limpia…. 

Then we presented you one song of SHIRAN ‘s album "S H I R A Ν" (Batov Records). Inspired to embrace her Yemenite roots, S H I R A N has had her lyrics translated into Yemenite Arabic, with her latest album also featuring elements of Iraqi and Western music. Combine these elements with her fiercely female-empowered stance; Afro beats and zero political agenda and you have one of the most remarkable artists to appear from the Middle East in years. Imbuing her sound with structures from both traditional and contemporary Arabic, as well as Western soul and R&B, the video to her album’s lead track, Zehere, is an eye-popping combination of the quirkiness of Wes Anderson and the surreal psychedelia of Alejandro Jodorowsky! 

Futhermore we had a song of Belonoga’s new album "Through The Eyes Of The Earth" (NarRator Records). A project of Gergana Dimitrova-Belonoga, a singer at the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices and Eva Quartet, together with Alex Noushev, composer and arranger and Kostadin Genchev, one of the best Bulgarian kaval players. Belonoga’s deep knowledge of Bulgarian music and songs, together with her encounters with the ancient cultures of aborigines and pigmies through the years, led to the accumulation of various musical ideas. Guided by the melody and provoked by the primal impulse, a new and extremely emotionally rich type of music appeared. 

And one song of Kelly Thoma΄s new album "Ama Kopasoun Oi Kairoi" (As The Winds Die Down) was as well on our playlist. Original songs by Kelly Thoma featuring two of Crete’s most renowned singers, Σταυρακάκης Βασίλης / Stavrakakis Vassilis  and Μανωλάκης Γιώργης/Manolakis Giorgis. 

But we listened also to other interesting artists and albums like: uKanDanZ (Buda Musique), Sandman Project (Batov Records), Lionel Loueke (Aparté), Bumcello (Buda Musique), Moulay Ahmed El Hassani (Hive Mind Records), Adib Rostami & Mehdi Rostami (ARC Music), Oratnitza (Fusion Embassy), Orhan Özgür Turan, Graeme Drum 

And here is the complete playlist: 

1. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba- Miri- Miri- Outhere Records 
2. uKanDanZ-Beyet new mengedu- Yeketelale- Buda Musique 
3. Sandman Project- Hamsa- Royal Family – Batov Records 
4. Lionel Loueke- Dark Lightning- The Journey- Aparté 
5. S H I R A N- Nifrah Farah (DJ Kobayashi Remix)- S H I R A N – شيران 
6. Bumcello- Mascara- Monster Talk- Buda Musique 
7. Moulay Ahmed ElHassani- Ya Lmmima Matabkich Hada Hali - Atlas Electric- Hive Mind Records 
8. Adib & Mehdi Rostami- Mystic Dance- Melodic Circles: Urban Classical Music From Iran 
9. Kelly Thoma- Ama Kopasoun Oi Kairoi (As The Winds Die Down)- Ama Kopasoun Oi Kairoi 
10. Belonoga- Gadoula Doula- Through the eyes of the Earth- Narrator Records 
11. Oratnitza- Ethiopa- Alter Ethno- Fusion Embassy 
12. Orhan Özgür Turan- Kuzey- ÖZGÜR! 
13. Graeme Drum-New Zaar-Eclectic 

So enjoy, share and have a wonderful Sunday and a happy new week ! 
— at Planet Radio 90,6.

Eclectic on Radio Playlist #570 Spain 

Playlist #570 

EDICIÓN DEMÉSENLLÀ #570 (Del 17 al 27 de enero de 2019) 
Ya estamos aquí, una semana más, bien estimulantes en la encantadora tarea de difundir las músicas maravillosas y de gran diversidad que nos llegan de alrededor del planeta. Arrancamos esta edición #570 en Francia de la mano de un trío formado por dos músicos autóctonos y un etíope, Ukandanz, formación que eleva a la máxima expresión en su álbum “Yeketelale” los ritmos del ethiorock y el ethiojazz. A continuación degustamos íntegramente el EP “Koshkyn”, obra soberbia del grupo de la República Siberiana de Tuva Huun Huur Tu aliados para la ocasión con el músico y productor californiano Carmen Rizzo. En el espacio todo terreno las raíces del Sahel y el Mississipí unidas en “Griot Blues”, álbum fenomenal del dúo formado por Mighty Mo Rodgers y el malí Baba Sissoko, y las composiciones instrumentales de inspiración tradicional de los portugueses Palankalama en su segundo disco, “Boca de Raia”. Para acabar con aires flamencos tenemos las fusiones eclécticas del disco “Eclectic”, valga la redundancia, del músico canadiense Graeme Drum y sus versátiles percusiones egipcias, y “Tesoros Humanos”, el que pronto será penúltimo disco del fantástico cantaor granadino vecino de la ciudad francesa de Aviñon Luis de la Carrasca. 
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